Another Year Around the Sun

I celebrated another revolution around the sun two days ago with the likes of Bill Gates and Julia Roberts. I tend to enjoy a more quiet birthday that involves a bathtub and some self reflection. This is my New Year.

Instead, I spent it schlepping the kids to school with the help of the sitter, purchased a new dress, a new pair of shoes, a toy for each of my girls and some items to make Halloween costumes for the kids. I then ran home to meet with a friend to give her clothes my girls have outgrown and baked my cake. I then went back to pick up my girls.

It was way too much for the day that was supposed to be about self reflection and relaxation. Nonetheless, over the last few days, I have gotten a chance to reflect on my successes and missteps.

I am grateful to be able to live in this beautiful country in spite of everything going on politically and socially. I am thankful for health in spite of the fact that I have suffered with fibromyalgia for most of my life. I am thankful for my children, friends and mother who have been at my side for so many years.

I have taken stock on my life, where I am and where I aspire to be. I am working on my one year, three year and five year goals, and creating a plan on how to execute each of them. As we know, a goal without a plan is a wish and that is not a world I wish to exist in.

As I work on this, I will share with you the process and how one can accomplish goals in a way that can bring results. Having clear goals makes a world of a difference.

I was told as a kid, be specific in your requests, so the only way to accomplish anything is having a clear vision and clear goals.

Happy Wednesday and Happy Halloween.

(Photo from Frank Warsaw)

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