Keeping it Small for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and no matter what you feel about the holiday, you have to eat. I’m here primarily for the food, but I also feel happy to celebrate with a small family.

The visuals of Thanksgiving in advertising is having lots of family over with lots of food; the hustle and bustle and the laughter. But what about those of us who have small families and only celebrate with about less than six people?

People who are far away from family and can only celebrate with spouses and/or children. Those who have fractured familial ties and will celebrate alone. Those who celebrate with a small group of friends. Only children who celebrate with parents and their spouse and/or child or children.

The idea that it only feels like Thanksgiving with lots of people, negates the fact that it is also fun breaking bread with a few people.

There are no uncomfortable or even offensive discussions. No individuals present who should not be there. No fatigue before the first bite of food. No excessive cleaning left to do by unhelpful guests.

I get to enjoy my family and the people I like being around. Hopefully, this image of small Thanksgiving dinners get embraced too, so that we are all under the umbrella.

With that said, enjoy your feast with a big or small family gathering.

(Photo Half Baked Harvest)

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