A Nighttime Dilemma: Bath then Dinner or Dinner then Bath?

There are some dilemmas we face that require exceptional critical thinking. I am not sure this one falls into that category, but I dare to ask any of you moms and dads out there. Do you do bath then dinner or dinner then bath?

Thinking about these things can give me parental whiplash. I ask this because one day, I came home from a very exhausting day after picking up my girls. As soon as I walked in, I jumped into the shower and felt a thousand times better.

I was able to get dinner ready and really function like I never did before. I felt energized. I made the girls their dinner, gave them baths, pajamas, brushed their teeth, bed time story and we are in bed by 8pm.

I kept thinking I could probably adopt this reverse method for the girls, but then again, would my two year old need a change of pajamas or a second bath? I cringe thinking about it.

Tell me, what is your go to method?

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