Mama Cāx, You Will be Missed

I just went on Instagram and clicked on Tess Holiday’s stories and saw the most shocking news. Mama Cax has passed.

This is a hard one to take, because not only did I follow her on social media, but I had the pleasure of running into her a few times in my neighborhood. Both times she was so gracious.

The first time, I told her that I followed her and she was so gracious and humble. The second time it was a hot summer day and we briefly talked about the soaring temperatures. She also said some kind words to my toddlers. Not only was she statuesque and beautiful, she has a kind spirit.

I know that as many people who know who she is, many do not. Cacsmy Brutus, better known as, Mama Cāx is a thirty year old Haitian-American woman who was very proud of her heritage.

She is a cancer survivor who lost her leg to the disease as a teenager. She became a powerful advocate for the inclusivity of women of color and the disabled in the fashion world.

One of her closest friends Paola Mathe, another amazing Haitian-American wrote, “@mamacax was a graduate of the City College of New York where she earned a B.A in international studies and a graduate of the Centre International de Formation Européenne where she earned a master’s degree in international and Mediterranean studies.”

She went on to say, “through social media, she encouraged so many to conquer their fears, to chase their dreams and be more confident.”

Reading of her passing is lighting a fire in my spirit. I am a bit older than her, and I have held myself back for many reasons. In such a short life span, she impacted so many lives. I need to live with that kind of boldness, because I know I have it in me to do great things.

Cacsmy, is an amazing soul, and she was a woman of passion and drive. I aspire to her greatness. She will not be forgotten.

My condolences to her family, as the world and I mourn. Rest in perfect peace.

(Photos from @mamacax/

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