Countdown to 2020!

Well, it’s about that time. Christmas is over and the new year is upon us. It’s a great time to take stock of your accomplishments in 2019 and create goals to maximize that.

With those goals, a plan should follow. I have never committed to a New Year’s Resolution. The process of progress is always ongoing, and irrelevant to the time of year.

Part of my problem has been fear. We all have some degree of imposter syndrome that can hold us back in so many ways. I can talk myself out of a good idea for many reasons.

Moving forward, I plan to trust my instincts, trust my gut, and focus more on the why and less on the how. Sometimes the how can seem insurmountable, but you can find the purpose in a course of action, believe in it and commit to it.

I have began making strides and I will continue to believe in my capabilities. I will believe that I can create that life I so desire. I will be my biggest cheer leader, because if I can’t see the vision, no one else will.

What are the things that you aspire to?

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