What I Really Did on New Year’s Eve 2019

Well, happy New Year everyone. We’ve made it into a new year. I am sure many of you celebrated, whether it was at a party with friends and/or family or just a quiet time at home.

Some people like to go all out, but I like to make New Year’s Eve a low key key event at my house. Here’s what I did on New Year’s Eve.

I visited a friend for a drink of coquito If you’ve ever had good coquito, you know it’s worth walking a mile for. Well, I walked three blocks for some good conversation, a play date for our children and some downright delicious coquito.

Ordered Chinese takeout After working a full shift, I was too tired to come home and cook anything. Plus, my oven stopped working right before Christmas, so I ordered some delicious takeout. We enjoyed it sitting down in the living room watching Toy Story 3.

I read “When God Made You” Well, I read part of the book to my girls. At this point (9 pm) they were already extremely tired, so no one was interested and it was a new book. I put everyone soundly to bed and kissed my babies.

Turned my sights to the husband We finally got some quiet time. We just cuddled and watched the final episode of “Kevin Hart Don’t Fuck this Up” on Netflix. Let’s just say the festivities continued after that. I was out by 11pm.

I no longer have the energy to watch the ball drop to commemorate a New Year. I’ll catch a glimpse today, but if your night was quiet like mine or even more festive than mine, Happy New Year.

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