5 Things Every Busy Mom Should Have in Her Bag

Most days I am up by 5a.m, feeling like I am defying the laws of nature and wellness by rising so early in the morning. I prepare lunches that may or may not be consumed, by little people who do not give a damn that it took me about 45 minutes to carefully pack balanced meals in their cute bento containers. As you can tell, I am not a morning person.

By 6 o’clock to 6:15 a.m, I start waking my girls to prepare them for a day of the social emotional learning I should have had at their age. Instead I was busy learning things that no four year old should have to learn, like spelling my name, writing my name, and how to cross the highway of death near my home. Ohhh, the beauty of modern childhood, compared to Caribbean childhood.

But the issue that tends to arise at least one morning a week, after walking three blocks to the subway, is the realization that I forgot to put on deodorant. So for all the moms who forget to put on deodorant among other things, I recommend keeping these following essentials inside your bag for survival, so that you feel like a proper human who can take on the world.

1. Deodorant

So that you do not feel that you smell like wet socks left too long in a bag, I strongly urge you put some deodorant/antiperspirant in there. This is a line of defense from having your coworkers not pick up the scent of disappointment in your personal hygiene. Get a regular size or travel size. Either way, put it in your bag.

2. Baby wipes/Wet wipes

Whether you’re a mom to human babies, a pet owner/parent, a single person, or someone who feels that humans are walking diseases, I suggest a packet. I’ve had so many accidents that could have been catastrophes, rescued by a few baby wipes. I have rescued others. “You get a wet wipe, you get a wet wipe, everybody gets a wet wipe.” It is truly a life saver.

3. Hand sanitizer

It probably goes without saying much, but hand sanitizer is another essential. Hand washing with soap and water, should always be the first choice, but if it is not available, hand sanitizer to the rescue. I recommend going for a more natural product, because products with alcohol are not necessarily the safest for little kids and also kids with skin issues.

4. Tissue

Maybe the wetness of a wipe is not your thing or isn’t warranted in the situation. Please be sure put some tissues in there. Colds, small accidents, and something to place between your hand and that filthy pole on the subway. You don’t want to be that mom caught by the massive sneeze that results in a snotty nose and no tissues. Worst. Scenario. Ever.

5. Lotion

Last but not least, lotion. Sometimes a certain body part may just need a little TLC—tender loving care. With all the wiping and hand washing, moisture needs to be replenished. Find the right one that works for you and/or your family. The family that moisturizes together stays together.

So to all the busy moms, put your essentials in a bag and keep them replenishes at all times. You don’t want to be caught off guard.

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