Have a Peaceful Weekend

This election has created more anxiety than we could wish for, but my biggest comfort going into the weekend is knowing that black women have come to save the day again.

Everyone, take a break, but if you’re a black woman in America, you need an even bigger break. We carry the load of so much responsibility. We overachieve in so many ways because we are underestimated and that takes a toll on our overall health.

Wherever you are Black Woman, stand in your glory. Know you are a treasure to this earth. Find your center and your peace.

Today, the sitter is coming over while I go out and take a few hours to walk around the city, eat a meal on my own, detach from the news and take a moment to exhale.

I need it. You need it. What are your plans this weekend?

( Photo of Stacy Abrams / Benjamin Lowygetty Images)

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