Tea Time: Holiday Relaxation

There is nothing I enjoy more than a cup of tea—more specifically milk tea—and some desserts.

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, Christmas around the corner, and the New Year in sight, there is still the pressure of the holidays even the middle of a pandemic. For that reason, tea time is more important for health and wellness. Here are 5 of my favorites.

Ginger Tea

If there is one tea that I enjoy the most and really has many great properties is ginger tea. I use the ginger root and make this tea in a variety of ways. Most times I add lemon, turmeric and honey, which I find so soothing. I am not a fan of citric teas, but I certainly enjoy the fresh squeeze of lemon to my ginger tea. If you’re looking for a little heat, go with a little cayenne pepper.

Cinnamon Tea

This takes me back to my childhood. Cinnamon tea—which we also called spice tea— was a staple in my childhood home. The aroma is beautiful and relaxing and just a great way to prepare you for bed. It also mask any scents that you want to take out of your house.

Fennel Seed Tea

Another great tea for bedtime is fennel seed tea. My Egyptian friend recently introduced me to fennel seed tea served with honey.

Well Rested Herbal Tea

For my daughter, I go with the tea bags named Well Rested Herbal Tea from Trader Joe’s. It’s a combination of chamomile, lemongrass, spearmint and peppermint tea among others. I only allow to steep for about 3 minutes and add milk and honey to make her milk tea. I drank it that way as a child and that is the only way she currently enjoys it.

Masala Chai

My neighbors recently moved from India. The wife and I during play dates with our children have become tea buddies. She used cardamom, fennel seed and clove and adds milk toward the end. It is beautifully aromatic. I swear if the kids broke everything I wouldn’t mind. It’s so relaxing. Good conversation and masala chai make my day. I really look forward to tea time.

Make time for tea. Make time for yourself and enjoy.

(Photos: top Happy Keto and bottom Getty Images)

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