Did Someone Say Ramen?

Fall instantly gives me an urge for soup, and nothing does it for me like ramen. There is nothing better than having my head bent over, slurping noodles from a bowl of hot, steaming broth. I mean, who doesn’t like to be fed while getting a facial.

I think I was probably supposed to be of East Asian or South Asian descent, because I looooove almost all Asian food—based on what I have tried. Maybe in my next life. I love Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Indian, Chinese (Sichuan) and Japanese food. I have barely ever rejected Asian food.

So here is my low budget, quick recipe for someone with little time. This unpretentious soup starts with super cheap instant ramen noodles and the rest is all to your liking. This is how I get this hot bowl done.

Cook Time: 3 minutes

Yields: 1


• 1 package of instant ramen

• 1 handful arugula/spinach

• 1/4 cup julienne sliced carrots

• 1/4 cup julienne sliced cucumber

• 1 large egg


1 Begin by cooking the instant ramen. Follow the instructions on the package. In the final minute of boiling the ramen, drop in the arugula or spinach.

2 Fry one egg to the hardness or softness of your liking.

3 Remove the arugula or spinach and place in your bowl. Add the seasoning from the package into the pan of noodles, mixing thoroughly. Pour the noodles and broth in your bowl containing the spinach. Add in the carrots and cucumber. Place the egg on top.

It’s as simple as that folks. I find that the seasoning packets contain too much sodium, so I tend to do half or even one quarter of the packet. I do pickle my own carrots and cucumbers, I use it in my soup. I’ll share that recipe at some point in the future.

You can truly make a ramen bowl your own. Share your ramen adventures.

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