Got milk? No Need for Food Waste

Last week when picking up my daughter from day care, a teacher asked if we would like to take some milk home, because it would be thrown away that day. Unfortunately, I didn’t.

I am new to the school system here in the US, because my girls are very young and the last school my daughters went to, we brought our lunches. I had no idea that all the milk left at the end of the school day was thrown out daily.

This is an atrocity. This is unconscionable and downright immoral, especially when you take into consideration that we are in the middle of a pandemic. Food insecurity was an issue before the pandemic and it is even worse now with more families not sure about their next meal.

We can send men to the moon, but we cannot fix poverty. We cannot find organizations that take that excess milk off the hands of schools to provide to families who will gladly accept it? There are so many organizations that help, but it still feels like there is so much to be done.

I will do my small part and take some of that milk and share with friends and family. I need to find a way to do even more so that I am helping. I can start with my neighbors. This is really saddening, but I will not forget that there is power in one.

Share how you’re helping those around you during these times. I would love to hear.

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