5 Instagram Accounts that Got me Through 2020

This year, has been an amazing rollercoaster ride, and as we near the end, I think of all the people who got me through the year. This is my list of people who have lifted my spirit in more ways than I can count. In no particular order, there they are.


Luvvie Ajayi Jones

I am not proud to say I only came across Luvvie this year, even though she is a 17 year blogging veteran. Not only is Luvvie a New York Times best-selling author of I’m Judging You: The Do Better Manual, but she is also the co-host of Jesus and Jollof. She is hilarious, and feels like a girl’s girl. She says all the things I think, and delivers social commentary like a boss. Her Instagram features Unpopular Opinion, where followers can state their unpopular opinions. It sometimes leaves my face in my hands wondering who birthed these people! And her skin is like butter. Glow, Luvvie, glow.


Queen MoJo

This beauty right here is just totally amazing. She keeps knocking the wind out of me with her amazing sense of humor and her vivaciousness. She shares her journey of trauma, healing and self-love ever so fashionably. She is a strong advocate of therapy and dance therapy, which led her to perform on stage with Lizzo. She organizes a “Do It for the Dopamine” bike ride around her home country of England and is truly an advocate for mental and physical wellness. If you’re not following her already, I encourage you to.


Douglas RG

Douglas is a licensed marriage therapist whose profile conveys the simplest and most beautiful messages in the most profound way. I love his art and the slides always inspire you to engage in authentic self reflection. He is an amazing woodworker and I love his political activism on issues that affect the lives of the black and brown community. He is truly inspiring.


Sonya Renee Taylor

Good golly Miss Molly. This woman right here is the embodiment of wisdom and radical self love. I could sit at her feet all day and just listen to her words of enlightenment. She is a poet, spoken word artist and author of The Body is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love, among the many other hats that she wears. Sonya emerged from the womb of the ancestors, and her voice will resonate for generations to come. I look forward to every word that comes out of her mouth and I will be at her feet, listening and learning.


Red Table Talk

There is healing at this table. It is not very often that you find intergenerational openness like what has been displayed on Red Table Talk. The love, the ability to listen, and the humility allows me to see myself as three of them. No subject seems to difficult even when there is some discomfort. This series has become a staple in my life and will be watching as long as they’re there to watch.

If you’re not already following, check them out.

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