About Me

I am Renata “Bre”, a mother of two toddlers, a college student, and a remote employee at a Fortune 500 company in New York City. This is all happening in my mid-thirties, and I am very proud of these accomplishments.

With that said, managing it all has not been easy. As a way to manage the increasing stress, I began practicing more mindful and conscious breathing. After seeking the help of an expert, I found ways to make myself a priority, while becoming my best self. She taught me that breathing more meant bringing in more life.

This is where the idea for Breathe by Bre emerged. Modern life is very complex with many demands placed on us, so I am creating this slice of heaven where I can talk about all the things that help me live to my fullest potential. A place of peace, joy and wellness inwardly and outwardly, while striving to achieve life goals.

As a young girl, I enjoyed documenting life. Writing, creating art and crafting are part of my talents, but I also enjoy figuring out what motivates people. It is this very interest that has lead me to study psychology with a focus on industrial/organizational psychology.

Breathe by Bre is the culmination of all my interests. I hope you enjoy it and cheers to being our best selves.