5 Reasons Why You Need Indoor Plants in Your Life

It was about two years ago that I received a pothos from my mother. I loved it and I wondered why I had never had a houseplant, since moving into my apartment. From then on

Coronavirus in a 400 sq ft apartment

First, I felt a headache and then came the fever. It felt like a normal, “I’m not feeling very well sort of situation,” but a few hours later, after some rest overnight, I was in the worst pain of my life. My body ached like I had gotten into a knock down drag out fight […]

Making 400 sqft Work for a Family of Four

The weekend tends to remind me of how much livable space I am really working with. New York real estate is pricey, and with high rents, very few people like myself can afford to move. We just utilize the limited space the best way we know how. My family of four shares a little above […]