Don’t Take an Easy Pregnancy for Granted

Don’t Take an Easy Pregnancy for Granted

I found out I was pregnant a few days before a trip to St.Lucia. I hadn’t been back to my home country in over ten years and I was excited to once again stand on the land that I once called home. It took three positive tests for me to believe that it was real. What an amazing send off!

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She Declared it “Mom Day”

She Declared it “Mom Day”

It was Saturday. I was cranky and every inch of my body ached. She knocked on my door and said “Mom, come see this.” I wasn’t too excited to get up from resting my aching muscles, but I did.

She walked me to the kitchen. She said, “Today is Mom Day, look.” She pointed to the calendar white board where she wrote in with a dry eraser “Mom Day.” Bless her heart for having the sense to use the right marker. It was the cutest thing ever.

Liv also handed me a card that she made for me. She is always so thoughtful that sometimes I can’t help but hold and squeeze her. Saturday was declared my day off by Liv and I was sent away to rest on my bed. She insisted.

How did I birth such an amazing human? I know, but I don’t want to toot my own horn.

What are some of the sweetest things that your child/children have done for you?

Have a Calm Weekend

Have a Calm Weekend

This week was a tough one. After the nation watched the events that unfolded on Capitol Hill, I think a lot of us feel further trauma of being reminded on a national level that some lives possess more value than others. I digress.

Right now, I would like to be somewhere in the mountains or in a quiet town to just decompress and to center my spirit. Unfortunately, since so many of the activities that I would like to engage in with my girls are closed, I am going to stay local and take some time to engage in these five activities.

Take warm baths

Nothing feels better and more soothing than hot water surrounding my skin. Lately, I’ve found baths to be the best thing for my fibromyalgia and my mind, so I am going to carve out time every night this weekend to take a bath with candlelights and maybe some wine.

Catch up on my reading

I am going to try to get through as much of Tonya Sonya Renee’s The Body is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love. As I am on a journey of radical self love and not merely a compromising self-acceptance, I look forward to catching up on Miss Taylor has to teach. We all could use the boldness of authentic self-love.


I haven’t journaled in a while, but whatever I have lost in my own personal journal has been invested into Breathe by Bre. I want to get back to journaling again. There is a beautiful sense of release that journaling gives me. I want to lay it out there with pen and paper, rather than ruminate on things that simply live in my mind for free.

Catching Up on TV Shows

I will be stuck catching up on the fourth time rewatching Monk, which to me is the all time best detective show ever. Murder mystery is my thing, so while I take care of all my household chores I watch to my heart’s content. That’s about the only time that I can watch or rather listen to any TV shows. 90 Day Fiancé has also become a new favorite and I plan on watching all the spin-offs.


I look forward to catching up on some well needed sleep this weekend and let others take on the responsibility of childcare for a change. Let’s see if I succeed. I want to give myself the gift of sleep and float away.

So, what are your plans this weekend?