Have a Healing Weekend

Have a Healing Weekend

This week has been difficult. I feel like my consciousness is frequently violated by horrible news, and the humanity of those who look like me is frequently being questioned. I don’t have the luxury of ignoring the news even if I wanted to, because it affects me and everyone who looks like.

I have wanted to make this space one that doesn’t not delve too much into the political climate, but to do that is to disregard my very existence. Amanda Gorman the youngest inaugural poet titled her 2020 TED Talk, Using Your Voice is a Political Choice, and she is so right. You may slump back into your chair thinking, “Really?” Yes really.

When you watch anyone with a social media presence, you’re not just looking at an individual, but you’re engaging in how that person takes up space in the world. Capturing yourself in photographs and using language is making a statement about how individuals wants others to perceive her very existence. Everything translated through pictures and words is a political statement.

Today, I am using my voice to say:

I am Renata “Bre.” I am a mother of two. I recently graduated with a BA in Psychology with a concentration in industrial/organizational psychology. I love painting, writing poetry, crocheting, knitting, reading and seeking adventure that involves nature. I am an introvert and I am passionate about humanity. I love making people around me feeling ten feet tall. I never intentionally hurt people and I am thoughtful. I am an only child, I love my mother dearly, I am a great friend and mother.

You don’t have to know all of these things about me to respect and extend to me human kindness. My very existence requires that of you.

For the black people especially who may see this post, and those who understand what we go through, I want you to take care of yourselves. Set the bar high for doing something that helps you have some inner peace and come to terms with all that is happening around us.

Get together with like minded individuals. Talk to a friend, a therapist or a family member. Engage in some serotonin boosting activities. Hug on your partner. Light some candles and put on some music that soothes your soul. Just anything that helps relieve the stress and frustration that you may be harboring.

We need to find ways to channel all that hurt in a way that brings us closer to healing our generational and collective trauma. I don’t have the answers, and like many people, I am processing myself. I just want those of us feeling this assault to take a moment to breathe and work on healing ourselves.

We will get there. Namaste.

Have a Restful Weekend

Have a Restful Weekend

There seems to be a common thread in this pandemic, and it has a lot to do with the quality of sleep that people have been getting. It seems like so many people on social media platforms have been complaining about their sleep hygiene being trash throughout the pandemic. It seems worse among mothers or primary caretakers single or married. I’m right there with you. Even worse is that I have been struggling with sleep since before the pandemic.

It was 11:28 p.m yesterday when I finally got a moment to pause. It is a little more frequent than I would like to admit. Some days, bedtime goes on for longer than planned, and given that I share a 450 square foot apartment with two children, I make sure to tidy up the apartment every night, while the girls sleep. It is so easy for things to pile up, that I make sure I do a little every day, especially folding the never ending laundry situation. It makes me want to cry some days.

This week started with me being in a little bit of a rut. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions, but somehow, I have always been the person who can push through even in the midst of a difficult time. I sat down on my yoga mat, crossed my legs and turned on my Goodful Meditation. I needed everything to stop. I needed my mind to pause for a few minutes so I did a 10 minute guided meditation for sleep.

This is a difficult time for everyone, but it is especially hard on parents. We’re about to hit the one year mark, and I am so grateful I am making it through, nonetheless, this pandemic has truly been the ultimate test of mental health for so many people. I laid on the floor, uncurled my eyebrows, unclenched my jaw, and relaxed my shoulders in an attempt to release the stress of the days, weeks, and the past year, just so that I can make it to bed.

Here are three things that are helping me achieve better sleep.

1. Stretching

2. Guided sleep meditation

3. Sleep manifestation and affirmations

So I wish you all a restful weekend. Blessings.

Have a Warm Weekend

Have a Warm Weekend

As the temperature dips, the hot tea and cocoa will be in heavy rotation at my house.

This week I have been recovering from a stiff neck, partially caused by my girls jumping into bed with me and throw my body into the weirdest, uncomfortable positions. Welcome to sleeping with kids. It’s the worst no matter how much you love them.

Last night I had a mini pandemic meltdown that I shared with my Instagram followers. I needed to sulk for a moment, because I am hitting the pandemic wall. I’m an introverted homebody, but we’ve been at this for almost a year. I don’t see us getting back to normal anytime soon.

If you read anything this weekend, please read anything from Banter Republic. If I need a pick me up, a laugh or something thought provoking, he comes through with all of it. Don’t Stop is the latest post and once you start there, you won’t be able to stop. You will want more.

I also finally ordered my daughter that Elsa costume she has been asking for. I totally forgot to order it and pretended it may have been lost in the mail. Welcome to parenthood. And as for the conversation about smooth hair like Elsa, we shut that down. You’re a beautiful, curly haired Elsa. Elsa doesn’t have to look one way.

I am still reading The Body Is Not An Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love by Sonya Reese Taylor. I hope to finish it very soon.

Be sure to read Big Girls Need a Cry, and for some healing affirmations, dive into 10 Quotes to Honor Your Healing.

It’s been a proper freezing day, and the weekend will be the same, so stay warm.

What are your weekend plans?

Have a Calm Weekend

Have a Calm Weekend

This week was a tough one. After the nation watched the events that unfolded on Capitol Hill, I think a lot of us feel further trauma of being reminded on a national level that some lives possess more value than others. I digress.

Right now, I would like to be somewhere in the mountains or in a quiet town to just decompress and to center my spirit. Unfortunately, since so many of the activities that I would like to engage in with my girls are closed, I am going to stay local and take some time to engage in these five activities.

Take warm baths

Nothing feels better and more soothing than hot water surrounding my skin. Lately, I’ve found baths to be the best thing for my fibromyalgia and my mind, so I am going to carve out time every night this weekend to take a bath with candlelights and maybe some wine.

Catch up on my reading

I am going to try to get through as much of Tonya Sonya Renee’s The Body is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love. As I am on a journey of radical self love and not merely a compromising self-acceptance, I look forward to catching up on Miss Taylor has to teach. We all could use the boldness of authentic self-love.


I haven’t journaled in a while, but whatever I have lost in my own personal journal has been invested into Breathe by Bre. I want to get back to journaling again. There is a beautiful sense of release that journaling gives me. I want to lay it out there with pen and paper, rather than ruminate on things that simply live in my mind for free.

Catching Up on TV Shows

I will be stuck catching up on the fourth time rewatching Monk, which to me is the all time best detective show ever. Murder mystery is my thing, so while I take care of all my household chores I watch to my heart’s content. That’s about the only time that I can watch or rather listen to any TV shows. 90 Day Fiancé has also become a new favorite and I plan on watching all the spin-offs.


I look forward to catching up on some well needed sleep this weekend and let others take on the responsibility of childcare for a change. Let’s see if I succeed. I want to give myself the gift of sleep and float away.

So, what are your plans this weekend?