She Declared it “Mom Day”

It was Saturday. I was cranky and every inch of my body ached. She knocked on my door and said “Mom, come see this.” I wasn’t too excited […]

To Snow Days

We had the first real snow day today, and the girls were so excited. They’ve been asking about snow since fall started and they couldn’t be any happier. […]

How to Make Bathtime Fun Yet Calm

Wouldn’t bathtime be great if the children remained calm, and allowed the warm water to soothe their itty bitty hearts? It would be great, but

Parents Deserve Better

As a mass transit commuter, I got a tough lesson on traveling with two children that I never experienced before. I also know that this is all to […]

Just Wing It

This homeschooling thing is quite the challenge and this morning was evidence that my munchkins are over it. We had a zoom meeting with their classmates and teachers […]